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Submit Your Pet Photos

First day with Ms. Chloe, an 8-week old box put mix. Fell in love with her day 1. :) - Ashley Rosko, Houston, PA

All I had to do to get this expression is say, "Is Pappy coming to visit?" That usually gets Bandit to tilt his head like that. Like he is thinking: Pappy's coming? When? - Sherry Marshall, Ellsworth, PA

Ginger, my 2.5 year old Australian Shepherd/Heeler mix and her large, dumbo the elephant like ears! - Alyssa Walls, Kirby, PA

Just hanging around. Normal day with Ginger. LOVE this dog. - Crystal Patterson, Amity, Pa

Helping set up the Christmas tree- Mark Hamle, McDonald

Sydney in her favorite spot-  Gary and Jeanne Robinso, Canonsburg

Hazel the Great Dane. - Andrew Hein, Monongahela

Diamond and Karma chilling at home. - Sandy Yankura, Avella, Pa

Doc & Daisy, English Red Tick Coonhounds, watching over the neighborhood. - Dan & Karen Dorgan, Strabane, PA

Happy 2nd birthday, Lola! - Betty BVoop, Washington, PA

Ivan is playing from the top of his cat condo. Loves his forever home with us. - Marie Ewing, Washington, PA

Ginger waiting patiently on the bench at the veterinarian's office. - Dana L Falosk, Washington, PA

This 6-month-old cat is a "Facebook creeper" -Angel Cox, Washington

Our long-term "pet deer" waits patiently for her corn breakfast on a very cold December morning as she guards the family grotto! -John Nesbit, Buffalo Twp.

This is Robert “Bobby” Palmer Gamble, a rescued bobtail cat about 5 or 6 years old. - M.E. Yancosek Gamble

Coal Buckets looking suave in a sweater -Sierra McConnel, Southview

Louie taking a cat nap. -Erin Luongo

Ace hanging out on his favorite chair. -Arlene Davis Snatchko

Lucy is chilling at camp on her favorite ride :) -Jamie Hilpert, Pittsburgh

Tyke showing off his festive scarf for the holiday season. - Nicole Williams, Washington, PA

Puppy dog facing down a cow during a morning walk through the snow. - Mike Jones

Sitting pretty in pink, Hugger's favorite color. -Michelle Pabian, Meadowlands, PA

Rockie watching the Steeler game. He has a scarf on his neck my wife made. -Merle Frye, Clarksville, PA

This is Milo. -Lucy Northrop, Washington, PA

Niko loves posing for the camera! -Michele Apicella, Washington, PA

Lexi enjoys running around in our unfenced backyard chasing frisbee's. -Courtney Zatta

6-month-old Ryker celebrating his victory of will he or won't he be allowed on the couch! Guess he won :) -Sally Patts

I tell her "I love you." This is what I get back. Love you Daisy! -Tami Richards

A boy and his dog -Sherry Furbee

Ka'ron Whitlock and Isis -Sherry Furbee

New barn kittens! Mom's name is Skinny. We haven't named the others yet. ¬ - Ginger, Pittsburgh

Gizmo is one cool dog! - Nick Kratsas, Mt. Lebanon