Map of Montour Trail Locations

Ready to hit the Montour Trail? We have all the information you need for your next walk, run or bike ride. Find the best places to park, have a snack, stop for a tune-up and even camp. If you would like to correct a listing, email

Beaver Grade Road

Info: This trailhead near Beaver Grade Road has 30 parking spaces, a trailside water fountain and portable toilets.

Bebout Handicap Area

Info: Three handicap spaces are available at this handicap-only parking area.


Info: This trailhead is a great place to take a break from the trail and go camping. Parking and a portable toilet are accessible from the trailhead.

Brush Run Road

Info: This trailhead with parking area is located near Upper St. Clair High School.

Cecil Henderson Road

Info: Looking for a campsite? This trail access point has camping areas at the Cecil Henderson Montour Campground. Picnic pavilions, parking, portable toilets and a drinking fountain are also at the trailhead.

Cecil Park

Info: This trailhead is in Cecil Park near the Cecil Township Ball Field. Parking spaces and a water fountain are located in the trail head. Full restrooms are available in the park.


Info: A parking area is available at this trailhead.

Cliff Mine Road

Info: This trailhead near the airport includes 40 parking spaces, a portable toilet and gazebo shelter.

Clifton Road

Info: A cafe is located near this trailhead. A small parking lot is located near the trail access point.

Enlow Ball Park

Info: Parking spaces and trail access are located near the ball park. A water fountain and portable toilets are at the trailhead.

Galati Road

Info: Water fountain, a portable toilet and parking is available at this trailhead.

Hassam Road

Info: This parking area and trailhead has portable toilets and a trailside water fountain.


Info: This trailhead has nearby access to an ice cream shop and to The Tandem Connection bike shop and rentals. It's a great place to take a break or end your trip. Parking spaces are available.


Info: This trailhead in Findlay Township is near the activity center, and the trail shares a parking lot with the center. There is a vending machine for drinks near the trailhead.

Limestone Drive

Info: A small parking area is available near the trail entrance. Water fountains are also near the access point.

Logan Road

Info: This trailhead near Bethel Park has a large parking area.

McConnell Road

Info: This trailhead, near Southpointe, includes parking and portable toilets.


Info: A portable, shelter and parking is available at this trailhead in McDonald.

Moon Township/Coraopolis

Info: This is the northernmost trailhead for the Montour Trail. If you want to bike the whole length of the trail, this is a great place to start!
There are portable toilets at the trailhead.
Additional parking is available 300 yards up the trailhead.


Info: Find this trailhead near the Quicksilver Golf Course. A small parking lot and restrooms are available.

The Tandem Connection

Info: This bike shop is located near the trail head in Hendersonville. They rent out and repair bikes, and even store them.

Triphammer Road

Info: This trailhead includes a parking lot.

Valley Brook Rd/Bebout Road

Info: Parking spaces are available at this trailhead.

Valley Brook Rd/Route 19

Info: Find this trailhead about four miles from the South Hills Village Mall. The parking lot is handicap accessible. Restaurants are nearby the trail access point.

Valley Brook Road/East McMurray Road

Info: This trailhead in Peters Township is nearby several places to stop for food. A water fountain and parking spaces are at the trailhead.


Info: This trailhead includes a small parking area.